Shucked Wet Scallops (per pound)

Type: Seafood
$22.95 / per pound

Dry scallops are shucked on the boat, and go into a dry container with no water or preservatives. Their flavor is more pure and concentrated. They have a shorter shelf-life; however it will insure they’re fresher when you buy them.

Scallops are found in saltwater environments worldwide, ranging from the intertidal zone to the deep sea Comparable to lobster or crab the taste is very similar, however the scallop is a bit firmer in texture. With each bite you will receive a sweet, buttery, juicy flavored explosion in your mouth. The scallop is a very delicate piece of meat so be sure not to over cook it as it will dry out the flavor and make that once succulent, Mouthwatering scallop much less appealing.  

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